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Our campus ministry faith community welcomes you,    Join us weekly to pray, praise, serve and learn.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Community Service

Watch event calendar for outreach and social justice ministry collections.  

Spiritual Formation

Th Spiritual & Pastoral Care Sessions by Appointment.  

Let Chaplain Brenda help grow your faith.

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a faithful Shepherdess. Our campus ministry is  lead by Rev. Brenda; she grew up in the parish and is now proud to be one of  its leaders.  Come witness and be part of a teaching, preaching, healing and social justice ministry.   Come and meet her and enjoy a cup of java / tea.  All are welcomed at her table.    

Weekly Services

Midweek Prayer & Study  Experiences held virtual and in person.  Draw nearer to God and experience His /Her transforming presence.


Silent and day retreats, on and off campus are available.  Healing Prayer Seminars  - coming soon. 

Christ is on Campus

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